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Buy Lumigan eye drop online

Buy Lumigan Eye Drop

bimatoprost ophthalmic (Lumigan)

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Quick Overview

Lumigan is an eye drop preparation of generic Latanoprost that has the same effect as that of prostaglandin present in eyes. 

This ophthalmic preparation is used for the management of open angle glaucoma, hypotrichosis (less amount of hair of eyelids) and to reduce intra ocular pressure. The prostaglandin effect of this drug makes eyes more noticeable. Lumigan works by increasing the aqueous humor in the eye, which is responsible for high pressure. This drug is in the class Prostaglandins. The distinctive mechanism of this drug aids in overcoming Hypotrichosis and other eye diseases like glaucoma.

Contraindications of Lumigan:

• If you are suffering from edema do not use this drug.
• In case you are suffering from swelling and infection do not use this drug.
• While using this drug, confirm you are not allergic to the generic drug of Lumigan
• If you have uveitis does not use this drug.

Drug Interactions of Lumigan:

• Many herbal preparations
• Over the counter drugs
• Vitamins
• Nutrient supplements.

Storage of Lumigan:

• Keep this eye drop at the room temperature of 30 0C approx. and away from the direct contact of heat, sunlight and moisture.
• Store this eye drop away from the reach and sight of children.

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Missed dose of Lumigan:

Apply the missed dose of eye drop as soon as you remember but avoid the application of excess amount of this eye drop.

 Overdose of Lumigan:

In case of overdose, confer with doctor as soon as possible.

Over dose symptoms of this drug include several side effects like redness of eye, itching and blurred vision. 

Side effect of Lumigan:

  • Vision changes.
  • Redness, swelling, itching.
  • Increased sensitivity to light

How to use Lumigan:

For the treatment of hypotrichosis condition of eyes, put one drop of eye medication on sterile applicator or brush, then carefully draw a thin line along the rim of upper eyelid without touching the applicator to the lower eyelids. Clean excess amount of eye drop with the help of a clean tissue or cotton.  It should be continuously applied up to 14to16 weeks at night-time without any gap. 

Some preventative measure of Lumigan application:

  • Do not blink your eyes, when you are applying this eye drop.
  • Before application of this medicine, wash your hands and eyes with sufficient quantity of water using mild soap.
  • Do not rub your eyes after application of medicines.
  • Before applying this drug, remove your contact lens and spectacles
  • Avoid touching the tip of applicator at the time of application.
  • Before application of this drug check the expiry date of eye drop.