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Dosing calendar to take Misoprostol pill :

Mifepristone comes under the category of anti hormone drug that end the undesired pregnancy by blocking the supply of nutrient and oxygen to the developing fetus.

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 Buy Misoprostol abortion pill online USA & UK :

Women who conceived unknowingly whilst relishing the daily orgasm with a partner can safely terminate her gestation by the intake of abortion pill or Misoprostol pill up to gestation age of max 7 weeks. The abortion by the pill is safe, effective, complete and shelters privacy to the women as she can terminate her conception by self at the comfort of home.

The mechanism by which Misoprostol pill terminate the pregnancy:

Misoprostol terminate an unwanted pregnancy in women by binding to the myometrial cells present in the lining of the uterus. The active constituent also functions by inducing the strong pulsatile contractions within the womb thus expels the fetal debris out of the dilated cervix opening in the form of intense vaginal bleeding with major chunks or clots of blood.

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Malicious effects of Misoprostol pill:

Women who are pregnant and don't want to continue with their gestation can terminate the same by the intake of 4 pills of Misoprostol (200mcg each) as a single dose. You have to insert these pills deep inside your vagina or can consume the same via sublingual route. This dose you have to repeat for 2 more times but do not forget to keep the lapse of 3 hours in between each dosing. After placing pills in the vagina you will notice strong pulsatile pain in uterus and intense bleeding from vagina thus clearing your unwanted pregnancy. Do not forget to visit OB/GYN after 2 days to confirm termination.

Women consuming abortion pill can experience some adverse effects such as queasiness, headache, gastric upset, abdominal cramp, heavy vaginal bleeding, stiffness with pain in lower back, chills, shivering of muscles and emotional distress.

Cautions to be taken with Misoprostol pill:

Women under the abortion pill or Misoprostol therapy have to follow some cautions such as not to indulge in intimacy until the bleeding stops or take 2 weeks rest from the same. Devour fruit juice and other green leafy vegetable soups to recover the blood loss or to overcome unusual weakness in the body.

Dehortations to Misoprostol pill:

Women must withdraw their IUD prior placing pills the abortion pills in their vaginal cavity to prevent any infection spread. Abortion pills can't terminate an ectopic pregnancy.