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Silcream Cream %1 (25gm)

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Silver sulfadiazine

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Quick Overview

Silcream cream is the topical formulation which is applied on the skin to evacuate the microbial infection. It is extraordinary that skin is the longest piece of the body that plays an important role in the thermoregulation or immunogenic part and homeostasis. This part additionally shields us from different microbial infection that give rashes, tingling or redness on the skin. At that point in such circumstances you ought to utilize numerous beautifiers to treat these infections like pimples, skin break out. This cream is likewise useful to shield you from pimples. 

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1 Tube Silcream Cream 1% (25gm) $2.98 $2.98
3 Tube Silcream Cream 1% (25gm) $8.53 $2.84
6 Tube Silcream Cream 1% (25gm) $16.54 $2.76

This cream is exceptionally viable that serves to build the excellence of the skin by reducing the pimples, pimple inflammation. It has Silver Sulfadiazine in a noteworthy amount which has a place from the sulphonamide. This planning specifically kills the microbes and uproots the disease. Thus, we say that it contains bactericidal property. This cream annihilates the disease of yeast, gram positive and gram negative microscopic organisms. It applies its activity by appending to the cell divider of microorganisms and harms the protein that helps the microscopic organisms to develop or survive. It likewise treats those diseases that lead by organism and infection by hinders the protein.

Most effective method to apply this cream

You ought to apply it two times in a day (morning and nighttime). When you apply it, you ought to clean the affected zone and hand with cleanser. After that you ought to apply a thin film of this cream on harmed area. Dressing is the discretionary condition that relies on upon the injury condition; if necessary then you ought to dress the injury with a drape. 


What are the points that we ought to remember before applying it?

  • This cream is utilized until the injury is not treated.
  • Avoid applies it on eye, vagina, mouth and nose.
  • Cover your injury or protect the injury from pollution.
  • After utilizing it you confront any antagonistic impacts like redness, tingling, disturbance or whatever other then you right away quit utilizing it.

Who are not permitted to utilize it? 

  • If the patient is hypersensitive with any components display in it, then no compelling reason to utilize it.
  • This cream is not given endorsed for pregnant females and kids who are beneath 2 months. 

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What happens if I apply it more than one dosage at once then?


In this condition you may confront a few issues like aggravation, irritation, redness, swelling of skin and now and then watery eyes. In this state you ought to immediately meet the doctor.


What happen if I forgot to utilize this cream then?

Use this cream as soon as possible. Skip the missed dose and continue with next dosing regimen.

Will this cream demonstrate any unfriendly impacts?

Yes, this cream likewise demonstrates some undesirable unfriendly impacts like tingling, redness, disturbance, aggravation, shading of skin gets changed, erythematic, skin get detached and rashes. 


What are the topical formulations that are not utilized with this cream?


Drugs that interact with this cream like Cimetidine, Phenytoin (anticonvulsant medications), materials that have sodium sulfacetamide, topical arrangements contain propylene glycol, liquor and astringents, collagenase and trypsin (protease materials). 

What are the conditions in which this cream is preserved?

It ought to be put away at room temperature; it ought to be placed in moist free place. It ought to be shielded from high temperature, light and dampness.