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Cancer is a disease in which the cell grows is an uncontrolled way. The name of the cancer usually indicates the name of the organ from which the cancer originates. For example, brain cancer (originates from the cells of brain or neurons) or leukemia (originates from blood cells). Cancer is not a disorder whose source is primarily genetic. It is directly related to a range of lifestyle aspects, chiefly obesity and smoking.

Key signs and symptoms of cancer:
•    Serious weight loss
•    High body temperature
•    Extreme tiredness
•    A bulge or inflammation
•    Unsolved bleeding

Treatment of cancer:
•    Surgery
•    Chemotherapy (anticancer medications)
•    Radiation therapy
•    Immunotherapy
•    Hormone therapy

Cancer plays a lethal game of hide-and-seek in the body, and the medications (anticancer drugs) taken to treat it are time and again, the winners. The anticancer medicines act on the tumor cells and bring about the desired effects of killing them. Sometimes these drugs can result in miserable side effects by working on the normal cells and may leave nearby cancer cells unaffected.


Know how your body usually feels and looks when cancer affects it!! Do not get afraid about getting the cancer signs; get them checked by your physician. The earlier cancer is diagnosed; the possibility to get it cured increases. Cancer weakens the immune system and produces certain signs and symptoms.


One must involve a regular intake of certain fruits (citrus fruits, apple, plums, grapes and pear), green tea (catechin is active constituent in it helpful in cancer) and vegetables (green leafy vegetables, broccoli, tomatoes, turmeric and carrots) in the diet of a cancer patient. This greatly lowers the risk of developing different types of cancer.


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