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Dorzolamide and Timolol Ophthalmic

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Quick Overview

Cosopt eye drops are useful in managing heightened pressure in the eye or ocular hypertension and open-angle glaucoma.

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Cosopt eye drops are useful in managing heightened pressure in the eye or ocular hypertension and open-angle glaucoma. The damage to the optic nerve due to rise in intraocular pressure persists; glaucoma can lead to permanent loss of vision. If appropriate treatment of glaucoma is not done, then it can cause complete permanent loss of sight within a few years. There are two types of glaucoma- Open-angle glaucoma and Angle-closure glaucoma.


Cosopt is an eye drop solution that comprises of two active ingredient, Dorzolamide hydrochloride (a sulfonamide carbonic anhydrase inhibitor) and Timolol maleate (a beta-adrenergic blocker). It is used to lower the intraocular pressure in people with open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension, when their eye pressure is too high and beta-adrenergic blocker drugs alone have not sufficiently lowered the pressure.

Cosopt eye drops should be stored in a cool and shady place at room temperature.


  • Its use is contraindicated in neonates and infants (under the age of 2 years);
  • If you have serious heart problems such as bradycardia, etc.
  • If you are hypersensitive to Dorzolamide hydrochloride and  Timolol maleate or any other ingredient present in these eye drops;
  • If you suffer from develop an eye infection or injury, or have eye surgery;
  • If you have a history of bronchial asthma, severe chronic obstructive and pulmonary disease;
  • If you are taking other beta blockers.

Application of Cosopt eye drops:-

  • Remove contact lenses and all the eye make-up before using these eye drops.
    • Properly wash your hands before and after using these drops.
    • The advised dose of this medication is one drop of Cosopt in the affected eyes 2 times daily.
    • Lean your head back and then, drop the medicine into the eyes. Gently close your eyes and do not blink.

Keep on using Cosopt eye drops even if you feel recovered.

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Use of Cosopt eye drops that is more than recommended can lead to unfavorable effects like light-headedness, trouble in breathing, or slow heart rate. In case of emergency, contact your eye specialist. Instill the missed dose as soon as you remember it. Though, if it is almost time for the subsequent dose, skip the missed dose and carry on with your usual dosing schedule. Do not instill a double dose to make up for a missed one.

Common side-effects of Cosopt eye drops are dryness; itching; ocular hyperemia, bronchospasm; unclear vision; difficulty in breathing; eye redness; allergic conjunctivitis; fever; slower heart rate; burning sensation in the eye; etc.

  • If more than one topical ophthalmic drug is being used, the drugs should be administered at least 10 minutes apart;
  • Throw away the medicine which is no longer to be used;
  • Combigan can mask the hypoglycemic symptoms of Diabetes;
  • The use of this drug can cause severe respiratory or cardiac reactions;
  • This medicine can also increase the reactivity towards allergens.