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Cabergoline (ca-BER-goe-leen)

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DOSTINEX is act by inhibiting the release of hormone, i.e. prolactin. Prolactin secretion is controlled by the pituitary gland of the hypothalamus.The main active constituent of Dostinex is generic Cabergoline.

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DOSTINEX is a solid dosage form which contains Cabergoline as an active ingredient. It is a dopamine receptor agonist. It acts by inhibiting the prolactin secretion from the pituitary gland. Hence reduces the high level of prolactin secretion. High level of prolactin induces the excessive secretion of milk from the mammary gland in the women which causes infertility in them.

In men, high level of prolactin decreases the sexual desire.

Uses of Dostinex:

  • Used to decreases the high level of the prolactin level in the body.
  • Low libido of men

 Mechanism of action of Dostinex:

Dostinex acts by inhibiting the release of hormone, i.e. prolactin. Prolactin secretion is controlled by the pituitary gland of the hypothalamus. Dostinex inhibits the releases of it from the pituitary gland to reduce the level of it in the body.

 Dostinex is also indicated to treat unnecessary breast milk and irregular periods in females and treat low libido in males.

Contraindications of Dostinex:

No need to take Dostinex in case of certain medical conditions like-

  • Hypersensitivity towards generic Cabergoline
  • Pulmonary or pericardial disorder.
  • Liver or kidney dysfunction.
  • Psychotic disorder.
  • Heart related disorder or fibrotic disorder

 Drug interactions of Dostinex:

  • Macrolides like Clarithromycin.
  • Triptan supplements like Sumatriptan.
  • Anti psychotic drugs like Chlorpromazine.
  • Azole anti fungal drugs like Posaconazole.
  • HIV protease inhibitor like Ritonavir.
  • Ergot derivative like Ergotamine.
  • Along with Grapefruit juice.

 Storage of Dostinex:

  • Drug should be store at the room temperature ranges from 15 to 30° C.
  • Drug should be store in cool and dry place.
  • Should be keep away from the reach of children.

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It is solid dosage form presented in tablet form in the market for oral route. The prescribed dose for the safer inhibition of prolactin is 0.5 mg twice in a week with a full glass of water. The medication should be taken for 6 months. The dose of it increases after sometime as per requirement.


Don't administered extra dose of DOSTINEX than the prescribing dose for getting fast and immediate onset of action of it, as it may increases the risk of factor incidence of persistent adverse effects in the patients.

Sign and symptoms of DOSTINEX is headache, sudden mood change, hallucinations, dizziness and fainting.

Missed dose:

IF the patient missed the dose then the patient has to take it as soon as possible, if it is the time for next dose then take that dose and skip the previous dose. Avoid taking double or extra dose of it at a single time.

Negative effects of Dostinex-

  • Acute side effects: Feeling of nausea and vomiting, stomach related disorder like constipation, pain, headache, migraine and tiredness.
  • Chronic side effects:  Loss of vision, breathing difficulty, sudden mood change, constant coughing, painful menstruation and pain in breast.
  • Avoid driving, machinery work or any other work which requires alertness after the administration of drug.
  • Not recommended for breast feeding mother or pregnant women.
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol or tobacco.
  • Should be avoiding in the teenagers' girls under the age of 17 yrs.
  • Because of their sedative effects, so the dosage form administered in night time.