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Buy Eriacta 100mg | Sildenafil Citrate

Sildenafil Citrate | Eriacta

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Quick Overview

Recent studies have shown that one of every ten men will experience erectile dysfunction at some stage in his life. It is essential to understand that in the great majority of cases, ED is a symptom of an underlying problem. ED is not considered common at any age and it is not also necessary that it always linked to lack of libido and troubles with orgasm and ejaculation.

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Eriacta is a medicament meant for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) in adult males. Eriacta consists of Sildenafil citrate as an active constituent and belongs to the class of phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE 5) inhibitors. It acts by inhibiting PDE 5 and stimulating cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP).

ED is a sexually non communicable disease in which the patients inappropriate working of the Genital part of the males. In this disease patients become inactive to hold or achieve its erection during sexual activity. There are medical or non medical factors involves in the development of the disorder. These factors are:

  • Improper functioning of muscles, vessels, nerves and brain.
  • Nervousness
  • Stress and strain
  • Excessive use cigarette and alcohol
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Obesity

Uses of Eriacta:

  • It is helpful in the management of ED or improving impotency in adult males.

Mechanism of action of Eriacta:

PDE 5 works by break off the development of cGMP, which is developed from the guanylate cyclase. cGMP capable for altering the size of the blood vessels which going into the genital part of the males. Hence, it increases the blood circulation in the genital part of the males. But PDE 5 stops the liberation of cGMP and causes low blood circulation into the genital part of the patient which causes unsuccessful erection at the time of sexual activity. Eriacta inactivate the release of PDE 5 and also activate the conversion of the cGMP. Hence, blood flow increases and causes successful erection. Hence, it can facilitate in the management of improve impotence in males.


Avoid the therapy, if:

  • Avoid in breast feeding mother or pregnant women.
  • Aversion response to the active as well as inactive ingredient available in the Eriacta.
  • Medical history like thyroid, persistent bladder disease, diabetes mellitus, Peyronie's disorder, renal and hepatic disorder.
  • Heart related diseases.
  • Incident of heart attack or stroke in between the previous 6 months.
  • Disorder like leukemia, eye related disorder (pigmented retinitis), anemia and multiple myeloma.
  • Stomach related problems like ulcers.

Drug interactions:

The interaction occurs in between the two or more drugs when administered all together. These interactions do not produce beneficial for the health of the patients. Such drugs like:

  • Antibiotics, i.e. Erythromycin
  • Other drugs used in the treatment of ED, i.e. Vardenafil.
  • Antidepressant drugs.
  • Nitrate based drugs, i.e. Amylnitrate, Nitroglycerine.
  • Anti epileptic drugs, i.e. Carbamazepine, Phenytoin.
  • HIV infections, i.e. Ritonavir.
  • Anti hypertensive drugs, i.e. Amlodipine.


  • Don't unpack the medicine before use and should be protected from sunlight and humidity.
  • Should be kept at temperature not exceeding to the 30° C.

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Dose and mode of administration:

The suitable and safer dose of the remedy should be one dose before 30 to 60 minutes while sexual contact. The intake of medication is via the oral route with a full glass of water with or without food. For getting better therapeutic result is try to intake the medication before meal.


Concern should be in use at the same time of intake of dosage forms of Caverta. Avoid administering more than one dose within 24 hours. It may create the problem of overdosing symptoms or severe side effects. Avoid taking more doses for getting more and quick onset of remedial effect.

Missed dose:

Probability of skipping or omitting the dose of it does not valid during this medication. Medication administered only when it required.

The unwanted effects other than the remedial effect of the therapy are considered as side effects of the dosage form. These effects are associated after the administration of drug. These side effects are:

Common Side Effects: feeling of nausea, diseases associated in the eyes like dryness and itching, nose congestion, hypersensitivity problem on face like flushing and redness, headache and dehydration.

Less Common Side Effects: Loss of hearing and vision and photosensitivity reaction.

Serious Side Effects (Uncommon): Severe disorder associated with the eyes and ears and prolonged erection with pain (Priapism).

Patient having the medication should be taken some care at that time. These precautions are:

  • Having cuts, injury, rashes or any other anatomical deformation on the genital part of the patients.
  • Don't consume grapefruit juice or alcohol at the time of medication.
  • It doesn't provide any kind of protection to the STDs like HIV.
  • Don't break or crush the dosage form for allowing it for the easy administration.
  • Kept away from the range of pets and children.
  • Don't take tobacco and smoking if the patient having this therapy.
  • Stops the therapy if the patient experiences any side effects described above.