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Eyes are the most beautiful and sensitive part of our body and they need proper attention and care. Eyes play a significant role in the observation and color differentiation. It is an important duty of every individual to take care of his/her eyes. Ignorance of eyes results in improper vision and blindness. Eyelashes also play a significant role in making eyes more beautiful as they work as a highlighter for eyes. Long, thick, dark and beautiful eyelashes make our eyes look beautiful. Eyelashes also protect our eyes from dirt, dust, insects and being touched.


Various kinds of eye problems are faced by individuals like glaucoma, open angle glaucoma and intraocular pressure. Glaucoma mainly occurs due to increased intraocular pressure within the eyes and can cause the damaging of optic nerve of the eye and damage proper vision.


Deficiency or shortage of hair of eyelids is known as hypotrichosis condition. For the treatment of hypotrichosis, you should apply the relevant eye drops, available on our site, on the upper eyelid with a sterile applicator.


Eye care medications:


Eye care medications are available on our site to protect your eyes and maintain their beauty. Eye care products help to cure conditions like eye infection, redness of eyes, irritation of eyes, itching of eyes, watery eyes, conjunctivitis, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, eye allergy, cataract, dry eyes, and many more. Some ophthalmic products are used to make eyelashes long, thick and beautiful.


We have a wide range of eye care products to take care of your beautiful eyes and manage the symptoms of glaucoma-


  • For hypotrichosis- Generic Bimatoprost, Careprost, Latanoprost, Bimat, Ganfort
  • For glaucoma- Generic Latanoprost, Latim, 9 PM Eye drops, Azopt, Alphagan, Combigan, Cosopt, Acular
  • For conjunctivitis- Vigamox,
  • Allergy of eyelids -Neosporin


You can buy eye care medication online at very reasonable rates and get it delivered at your doorstep with the fastest shipping of drugs.

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