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Herbal Health

Traditional herbal medications are still in use to meet the need of people in the developing world. They play an important role in medicines from thousands of years.  In the ancient time, every culture has used herbal medication for therapeutic purpose. There are more than thousand of herbs used to treat more than thousand of different disorders and many of them are used as natural remedies to treat the particular disorder effectively.

Herbs are also used in vitamins, tea and in natural supplements and there benefits are vast. Herbal medications are designed to use herbs to treat the cause of disorders. Instead of looking at the symptoms and signs and then to treat disorder, people look at the whole picture starting from their lifestyle to physical stress and then prescribe the right herbal medication. Herbal medications are used to restore the natural balance of the body.

In herbal therapy, whole plant is used rather than extracting only the active component on order for the herb to be safe and effective. Herbal treatments are used for treating various types of illness and disorders ranging from minor burn and scrapes to severe disorders such as skin disorder, respiratory disorder, hair fall, reproductive disorder, diabetes, allergy, arthritis, migraines, depression etc.

Herbal medications are easy to take and most of the herbs can be grown at your home, so that you can easily use them when ever needed to treat minor conditions. But for treating wide range of severe disorder, we provide various herbal medications that are safe to use in order to treat various types of disorders. Medications such as Himalaya Amalaki, Triphala, Himalaya Haridra, Himalaya guggu, Himalaya Brahmi, Himalaya Ashwagandha, Septilin, Rumalaya Forte, Purim, Pilex Tablets, Mentat, Himalaya Gasex, Diarex, Himalaya Cystone, Himalaya Abana and Himalaya Arjuna are effectively used without any side effects.  

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