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Homeopathy is a system of natural healing that has been in worldwide for more than 200 years. Homeopathy treats each person as a unique individual with the aim of trigging their own healing ability to bring well being. Homeopath selects the most suitable drugs based on the individual's specific symptoms and personal health condition. It helps to treat all symptoms such as emotional, mental, spiritual and physical and finds the "like cures like" match.

Preparation of homeopathic remedies provide minimum dose, subtle and powerful. They are non- addictive and are not harmful o the health.    They are manufactured by the combination of serial dilution and succession (vigorous shaking). Various homeopathic medications are available to treat wide range of disorders.

AF-200 tablets: It is an excellent remedy to treat cold and the symptoms of flu.

Anti-Traumatic tablet: It is effectively used in the treatment of sprains, fractures; prevent shocks after trauma, gout and rheumatic joints pains.

Cineraria Maritima Euphrasia: This medication is very much helpful in the treatment of cataract caused by long exposure to radiation or ultra violet rays, aging and diabetes.

Dibonil Drops: This medication is very good for the treatment of overall weakness of the body. It is also helpful in the treatment of diabetes and makes the blood sugar level of the patient under control.

Pimplex tablets: It is the mixture of drugs of homeopathy which is the best solution for the treatment of pimple.

Tonsilat tablets: This medication is very much effective in the treatment of tonsillitis, sore throat and pharyngitis.

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