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Hormone & Contraceptives

Now day, women are no longer treated a mean of satisfaction to his sensual need and to carry on the generation to pass their linkage.  Science has given the rights to women, to decide when to have child and when not to have. Contraceptives had decreased the threat of pain at the time of abortion. If a women is fertile that mean she is physically in condition to become pregnant. And she asks to herself whether she wants to become pregnant now or not?? If the answer is NO, she much use the birth control contraceptives to effective avoid her unplanned pregnancy. Contraceptive methods of birth control has always helpful to prevent pregnancy and are very much useful in family planning.

The innovation of birth control contraceptives have helps women to peruse their dreams and career. Use of contraceptives pill greatly lowers the possibility of pregnancy. There are various types of birth control methods available such as IUD's devices, Soft gels, Condoms, Diaphragm, pills etc. Hormonal contraceptives are the best option to avoid unplanned pregnancy. 

Hormonal contraceptive involve 2 different hormones called Estrogen and Progesterone. Both these hormones work together in order to avoid early pregnancy. With the help of contraceptives pills, one can confidentially end pregnancy. Hormone contraceptives successfully work by releasing estrogen and progesterone in the body and avoid ovulation. They help to makes mucus thicker in the cervix region so that the sperm cannot able to enter the uterus. The lining of the uterus become less active and the egg do not attract to the sperm and avoid fusing with each other.

There are other advantages of using contraceptives such as it gives relief from menstrual cramping. It provides low risk of uterine cancer and ovarian.  Women can reduce her chances to develop ovarian cysts and they can also decrease the risk of iron deficiency anemia.

There are various hormones contraceptives available on our website such as Dronis, Loette, Mircette, Yasmin,   Familon, Ovral-L, Ovral-G and Dianette that are effectively used to shun unintentional pregnancy. 

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