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Infertility Therapy

Couples will have strong desire to conceive child at some point of their life. But a large number of couples all over the world are infertile. Infertility usually refers to an inability to conceive child even after having unprotected sensual activities regularly. About 15 percent of women in the United State between the ages of 15 to 45 face difficulty in getting pregnant or staying pregnant. Infertility is not always a women disorder. But both men and women share this problem of infertility.

Pregnancy is achieve upon numbers of factors such as the product of healthy sperm by men, healthy egg by female, unblocked fallopian tube, ability of egg and sperm to fertilize and sufficient embryo quantity. Hence for pregnancy to progress, embryo should be healthy and the women's hormonal surrounding should be adequate for its development. If any of these factors is not present, infertility can occur.

Some of the risk factors of infertility are age, excess of smoking, intake of alcohol, being overweight, unhealthy eating disorder, being vegan, sexually transmitted infections, over exposure to harmful chemicals and mental stress can lead to cause infertility. Infertility can be treated with medications, surgical methods or either by assisted conception that include various techniques such as IUI, IVF, GIFT and ICSI.

Medications are the best treatment used to help with ovulation. These medications helps by causing the release of hormone that are either triggered or regulate ovulation. Medications such as Clomid and Somatropin are successfully used to treat infertility problem and offer you the chance to become mother. 

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