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Buy Levitra 60mg Online | Order Vardenafil Tablets

Vardenafil Generic Levitra 60mg

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Quick Overview

Male impotence (also known as powerlessness) is referred to a continuous or constant inability to achieve and sustain a continuous erection to reach the desired satisfaction.

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Male impotence (also known as powerlessness) is referred to a continuous or constant inability to achieve and sustain a continuous erection to reach the desired satisfaction. Thus if you are searching for a perfect treatment for erection problems, do not miss this outstanding opportunity of restoring your hard erections, Levitra 60mg. Levitra improves a male's ability to have a pleasing sexual intercourse. Generic Vardenafil hydrochloride is present in this medication responsible for all its actions. Levitra comes under various dosage strengths namely, 2.5 mg, 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg. Unlike other long-lasting ED drugs, Levitra has relatively short half-life. This means that patients have to take the medication approximately one to two hours before they get engaged in sexual intimation act. Thus the target of Levitra 60mg drug is to reach and maintain the hardest erection.

Introduction about this product Levitra

  • A generic version of this medicine: This has active form as Vardenafil.
  • The dosage form of this drug: This is available as solid dosage form that too tablet form.
  • Dosage strength about this medicine: It comes as strength as 60 mg.
  • Classification of this medicine: It comes as PDE5 enzyme inhibitor form.
  • Indication about this medicine: This is indicated for keeping your erection hard for better intimacy act. Men having a soft or flaccid erection at the time of physical intimacy should use this drug.

Mechanism about Levitra medicine form:

This drug form belongs to Phosphodiesterase enzyme inhibitor. The PDE5 enzyme causes the degradation in the cGMP in the penile region. This will lower up the level of cGMP. This medicine will prohibit the PDE5 enzyme and thereby raises the cGMP in the penile region. This brings in vasodilation and improves the blood flowability in blood vessels causing a penile erection.

Dosage scheme about this medicine form:

Engulf single pill at least before one hour of planned physical intimacy act. The onset of action starts soon in about 30 minute time and the activity prolongs for about four to five hours. Start using this with water through an oral route only. You must have sensual stimulation so as to bring in the effect of this medicine.

Factors to contraindicate:

Never consume those pills:

  • In severe form of allergies
  • In an age that is less than 18 years
  • If you are using nitrate forms
  • If your erection becomes painful

Safety advice:

  • Keep low on your alcoholic drinks as well as grapefruit juices as those cause ill issues.
  • Keep low on fatty meals as those can affect the drug activity.
  • Cardiac patients should start using this only after physician advice.
  • Do not use larger or longer than given by your doctor.
  • When dizziness is severe then prohibit doing work immediately after sensual involvement.
  • If an erection is painful then tell your doctor regarding this problem.
  • Do not use any other medicine if using Levitra.

Undesirable effects:

Common undesirable issues you might observe are as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, muscle pain, back pain, shortness of breath, flushing, vision problem, and painful erection.

Make sure to report your doctor if you see stomach ulcer, high/low blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, retinitis pigmentosa, physical deformity in penile region, and congestive heart failure.

Drug interaction:

Antibiotics, antifungals, drugs for preventing high blood pressure, and medicines for HIV/AIDS

Storing criteria:

This medicine must be stored in a safe place away from small children reach. Keep far from moisture, heat, and direct sunlight. Do not use expired product.

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    Levitra 60 Mg is nice drug for health. no any side effect and FDA safe and risk free - FDA Approved Pharmacy. (Posted on 7/17/16)

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Levitra 60mg Doses

You should take only one tablet of Levitra 60mg just previous to 45 minutes of intercourse. Gulp the whole pill with a sufficient amount of water. It may be administered with or without foodstuffs but you should always ignore the use of high fat containing meals along with this therapy as it may decline the drug absorption rate. 

Levitra is not for daily purpose, it should be taken just previous to planned intercourse. Don't worry about the missed doses of drug. Don't take twofold of this drug to cover the missed dose.
If you experience any overdose indications of this drug instantly consult your doctor and get medical treatment from your nearest hospital.

Levitra 60mg Effects

• Don't get this medicine in case of renal, hepatic and cardiac crisis.
• Avoid the drinking of alcohol long with this drug.
• Nitrate and nitroglycerine should be strictly prohibited along with this drug.
• Grapefruit and its fruit drink are not to be administered while taking this medication as it affects the efficacy of drug.
• Don't go for a drive after the drug as this drug may cause severe drowsiness and affect your ability to drive.
• Youngsters below the age of 18 years should not get this drug.