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Junk mails are the undesirable mails which act as an irritation in the area of internet. To keep an eye on the spam emails we have definite software to employ the use of anti-spam policy. These unwelcome electronic mails appear as a result of commercial advertisements by different companies.

Our Anti-spam Policy
According to our anti-spam policy, those clients who have picked the option of email alerts will receive electronic mails and messages. There will be no promotional emails and commercial ads sending option from our side for the drug marketing and publicity to them who have not chosen.

Amendments in our anti-spam policy
•    Even we have the revisions that you can subscribe or unsubscribe as per your wish for email.
•    Confidentiality and preserving privacy of our customers is our prime duty.
•    We ensure that your e-mail id is not shared with any third party; for the reason that this fades the possibility of getting any unnecessary e-mails. Apart from this, we also review them from time to time with our customers to assure that they stand by with our privacy and authorization policies.

Contact us
You can contact us anytime for extra information through our 24/7 customer care support service. You can contact us via e-mails, online chats or through direct talk with our customer care executive.