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Tuberculosis is known as TB, an infectious disorder that usually affects the lungs. It is a bacterial infection which is the second largest killer due to a single infectious agent globally. In 2012, more than 2 million people died from this disorder and more than 9 million people falling ill. TB can affect any part of the body including brain, bones or kidney. It can pass from one person to another.

TB is spread when someone affected with TB in their lungs or throat sneezes or cough, they pass the droplets in the air that contain TB bacteria. If any one breathes these bacteria for a long time, they may become ill. People with strong immune system are not likely to get effected with TB because strong immune systems are enough to kill off TB bacteria easily.

Some common symptoms of TB are weight loss, loss of appetite, fever, night sweats, coughing up blood, constant fatigue and persistent coughing. These symptoms are also common with other disorder so it is necessary to consult your doctor to let them find out that you have TB.

Some of the risk factors of Tb are friend or family member who are infected by TB, person living with HIV infection, people who have diabetes or kidney disorder, organ transplants recipients, cancer patients etc.

Medications such as Myambutol, Pyrazinamide and Rifadin are available to effectively treat the symptoms of TB and improve health condition of the patient.

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