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Xefo | Lornoxicam

Lornoxicam generic

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Brand Name - XEFO

Generic Name - Lornoxicam generic

Patients should always take Xefo as suggested and guided by the doctor or if the patient is not sure about the dose, they should talk to the doctor before using the medicines. The optimum dose for adult for Xefo is 8-16 mg that is divided in two or three doses per day and this dose should not increase more than 16 mg in a day.

Arthritis patients should be given a dose of 12 mg of Xefo, divided into two or three dose in a day.

For patients who have liver or kidney impairment, Xefo tablet should not be given more than 12 mg. The tablet of Xefo should not be taken with food as it may reduce the effectiveness of the drug. It should always be taken with plenty of liquid.

Brand Name - XEFO

Generic Name - Lornoxicam generic

The patients might suffer from side effect from Xefo after its intake. They may suffer from headache, dizziness, change in appetite and loss of weight and increased sweating. Xefo may cause problem to central nervous system such as depression, insomnia, affects eyes where it causes conjunctivitis and vision disorder.

Some patients feel pain in abdomen, diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, constipation, gastritis, dry mouth and gastro-esophageal reflux, peptic ulcer with or without bleeding, stomatitis and rectal bleeding.

The users of Xefo can also suffer from anaemia, ecchymosis, prolonged bleeding time, thrombocytopenia, sometimes the liver enzyme, transaminases increases; the patient develops cramps in leg.

Few patients shows irritation in upper respiratory tract, skin shows allergic reactions such as dermatitis, loss of hair and changes in blood pressure.

Brand Name - XEFO

Generic Name - Lornoxicam generic

If the patients have any medical history of peptic ulcer and gastrointestinal bleeding and they are taking Xefo, should discontinue this medicine.

If the patients are suffering from mild renal impairment, they should consult doctor quarterly and suffering from moderate renal impairment, should be monitored by the doctor at an interval of 1 to 2 months.

Patients with coagulation disorder must consult their doctor in time to avoid adverse condition that might arise due to lack of proper examination.

A patient who is suffering from heart failure, gastrointestinal & blood vessel in brain bleeding or low blood platelet count should not take Xefo as it may increases the chances of bleeding in them.

The generic drug, Xefo is not given to those female whose last three months of pregnancy is left.