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Zanaflex 2mg

Zanaflex 2mg

Tizanidine-(tye zan i deen)

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Quick Overview

Zanaflex 2 mg is a drug which put under the category of muscle relaxer. It contains Tizanidine. It can be used in the treatment of cramps, spasm and in tightening of muscle.

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Zanaflex 2 mg is a drug which put under the category of muscle relaxer. It contains Tizanidine. It can be used in the treatment of cramps, spasm and in tightening of muscle. Pain is mainly caused due the contraction of muscles. Some neurotransmitter transports the nerve impulses from nerve of affected area to the brain. The brains amplify the signals of neurotransmitter and return back some impulse to affected areas. These are the pain sensation impulses which make you painful.

The Zanaflex contains Tizanidine as its active constituent. Tizanidine is responsible for the inhibition of the motor neurons in the presynaptic area by the agonist action. As a result the transportation of the impulses stopped and the pain sensation does not occur. By this action it helps to treat the pain and acts as muscle relaxer.

Zanaflex should not used by some people to reduce pain, as it is CONTRAINDICATED in theses peoples. These people includes

  • Peoples who are allergic to this drug or allergic to Tizanidine.
  • Peoples who are suffering from liver disorders.
  • Peoples who administer antidepressant agents.
  • In case individual suffers from abnormal blood pressure.
  • In pregnancy, this drug should be avoided.

This drug should be stored at room temperature. You should keep it away from direct sunlight and moisture. It must be kept away from children and pets.

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Brand - Zanaflex

Generic - Tizanidine

Zanaflex is short-acting medicines and it shows its result after 1-6 hours intake of the tablet. It should not be taken in larger amount or for longer duration than suggested by the doctor. Zanaflex is taken with full glass of water.

The patient need to take 6-8 hours of gap after taking Zanaflex and it can be taken take up to three doses in a day.

The withdrawal symptoms after the patient stop taking Zanaflex include dizziness, fast heart rate, anxiety, tremors and increased spasticity.

Therefore, the patient needs to consult their doctor before they stop taking Zanaflex.

If patients miss their dose, they should take it as soon as remember. However, by the time patients remember about their missed dose and it’s time for the next regular dose then they should skip the missed dose and take their regular dose.

Brand - Zanaflex

Generic - Tizanidin

Use of this drug will cause some general ADVERSE EFFECT in some individuals such as hallucination, confusion, diarrhea, stomach pain and fever. These side effects do not require any therapeutic treatment, but if side effect carries with you, then discontinue its use and contact with a doctor.

Brand - Zanaflex

Generic - Tizanidine


  • You should not use this medicine with some other drug like as Acyclovir, Birth control pills, Sparfloxacin and Famotidine.
  • It should used with extra care in case of breastfeeding.
  • Avoid work in which alertness requires, as it may cause dizziness.
  • In older adult this drug should be used with more cautiously.